Laboratory Directors

Vasilis Tsilivakos, MD, PhD - Pathologist, immunologist

Head of Cellular Biology & Reproductive Immunology, Histopathology
Subfertility Clinic

Georgios Georgoulias, MD Clinical Pathologist - Microbiologist

Head of Microbiology

Vassiliki Michou, PhD - Molecular Biologist, Biochemist

Head of Molecular Pathology & Genetics/Cytogenetics

Nikos Georgakopoulos, MSc - Biologist, Cytogeneticist

Head of Molecular Pathology & Genetics/Cytogenetics


Medical Directors

Vasilis Tsilivakos, MD, PhD - Pathologist & Immunologist -Reproductive Medicine Specialist

Head of Reproductive Medicine

Vasilis Kapetanios, MD, PhD - Obstetrician, Gynecologist

Head οf Gynaecology 

Specialized in medically assisted human reproduction in university hospitals Homerton and Chelsea & Westminster, London.

Member of the British Fertility Society

Konstantinos Makarounis MD, cPhD, FEBU - Surgeon Urologist Andrologist

Head of Urology - Andrology
Male Infertility Microsurgery, Cornell, NY, USA

Antonios Askitopoulos, MD - Obstetrician, Gynecologist

Head οf Gynaecology 2

Konstantinos Gkoritsas, MD, PhD - Internal Medicine, Hepatologist

Head οf Internal Medicine 
Specialized in Hop. Beaujon Paris

Former Director of Internal Medicine in Athens Thoracic Disease General Hospital "SOTIRIA"

Harikleia Athanasiou, MD, PhD - Radiodiagnostician

Head of Ultrasound 

Research & Laboratory  Staff

Eytyxia Filiou BSc - Molecular Biologist

Aggelos Gritzapis, PhD - Biologist, Immunologist

Chrisoula Kyprianidou, PhD - Molecular Biologist, Biochemist

Michalis Leventopoulos, PhD - Biologist, Immunologist

Konstantinos Makarounis, MD - Urologist, Andrologist

Kyriaki Moraitou MSc

Andreas Mpitsakos, MSc - Biologist, Cytogeneticist

Anastasia Tsilimantou BSc, MSc  - Biologist

Panagiotis Venieratos, PhD - Molecular Biologist


Eirini Degaiti 

Popi Draka 

Vanta Giannouxou

Ioanna Grilla

Maria Hountasi

Stavros Kasdaglis

Katerina Mitrousi

Miltos Papadimitropoulos 

Eleni Rere

Mirka Sinanidi 

Stelios Stampamas 





The successes of the department of Investigation on Female and Male Infertility established, early on, this particular department and then the gynaecological department of the center.

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