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Our mission is

to provide a systematic, comprehensive, etiological investigation of infertility through clinical consultation and exclusive, specialized high-end diagnostic tests, as well as therapy through simple pharmaceutical treatment or assisted reproduction services in the best clinics available in Greece.

What makes our service unique is

our medical and research expertise in infertility that goes far beyond the standard practices and guidelines of the market, our access to high-end, difficult to access or completely exclusive technology and methodology such our international patented tests, our collaboration with the top medical practitioners in the field of assisted reproduction and our willingness to provide all of the above in low prices so as to make our service readily available to everyone.

Goals of etiological investigation of infertility:

  • Establishment of a logical and satisfying explanation of the problem, by uncovering specific factors that contribute to infertility of both partners.
  • Ensure the best possible outcome of each attempt whether through natural conception or by assisted reproduction, by having previously evaluated and corrected all known factors of infertility

...while at the same time adhere to 2 basic rules:

  • Completion of diagnosis, treatment and retesting with the lowest cost for the couple.
  • Completion of diagnosis, treatment and retesting within a short time, especially in cases of age-related reproductive decline.